• Lin Design Studio
  • Based primarily in New York, Lin Design Studio is the collective behind the project BOX 75. We are a group of people with diverse backgrounds, from architecture to arts and marketing to computer science.

  • Team
  • P.H. LinI’m dks, also the designer of BOX 75. Nice to meet you.
  • H.L. HungThe second half of the omnipresent “we” in Lin Design Studio. No, we weren’t one person pretending to have friends. Now you know who’s been behind the camera.
  • Y.J. ShiHi all. I go by kabocha for most of my keyboard escapades. Due to unfortunate circumstances (baited), I am currently serving dks pro bono.
  • Á. "Gondolindrim" VolpatoHi guys! I'm Gondolindrim, a Brazilian electronics engineer. I've been into custom mechanical keyboards since 2013 and I have been designing since 2018. I hope you enjoy the keyboards we design and I hope we can have a good time talking about them!